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Bristol CouchDB Meetup

Details of past Bristol CouchDB meetups are available below.

First talk night

Our first talk night will take place on the 29th November at the Robin Hood pub on St Michaels hill. We'll meet at 7 with the talks starting at 7:30 and each lasting 30 mins (including questions/discussion). We'll have some drinks and nibbles sponsored by Cloudant.

The Anthropological Significance of CouchDB

Jeremy Taylor

I really did do some crazy stuff with CouchDB. I want to demonstrate a novel abstraction I've built and explain how we must use it to trigger a technological paradigm shift.

Up until the 29th I will be posting here and would love to get some early feedback :D

Abusing CouchDB for fun and non-profits

Mike Wallace
Bristol University

This talk will provide a brief overview of how CouchDB can be used as a workflow and data management system for scientific simulation/modelling software before launching into a live demo where stochastic landslide simulations will be triggered from CouchDB and run in parallel on Amazon EC2 infrastructure.

Along the way I'll be discussing various pain points that have been encountered, approaches to working around them, and things you can do when the successful operation of your system is analogous to surviving a distributed denial-of-service attack.

Securing your user's data

Martin Higham
Ocasta Labs

Martin wrote the OAuth plugin for CouchDB and will be talking about that and other security strategies for CouchDB.